Thanks to parthnership by Tex Computer, company of the our group, she is a producer of controllers and
solution for automation,
CIMATECH present the new generation of line to Loader&Unloader in the version 4.0,
to thanks the new controllers Tex Computer and programming Super4.0 ,
It’s possible get view and register all the variables of bind at the productive cycle.
All the valor they can be to obtain by event to process or in Polling
The controllers of the series Power is grow secure “by design”; processor RISC is born for
Industrials Applications with operating system developed entirely to Tex Computer




New acquisition by Comall International s.r.l.

The 100% acquisition of CIMA has been noted, which now becomes CIMATECH.


Comall International s.r.l, company of the Fom Group, world leader in systems for processing profiles

in aluminium and PVC - has completed the acquisition of CIMA snc, a company of Barco di Bibbiano (RE),

specialized in the design and production of packaging machines and plant. From 01/02/2018,

the name of the new company will be Cimatech Srl.

The acquisition of Cimatech is in line with the expansion strategy of Comall International and of the FOM Group

which, in this case, casts its eye over new types of market with large potential.

Cimatech encompases the forty-year history of Cima, formed by professionalism and competence at

the service of Italian and foreign clients of prime importance in the sector.

"The acquisition of Cima", comments Paola Antonelli, Chief Executive of Comall International s.r.l., "is born of a precise project,

fruits of the path embarked upon two years ago which has brought us to study the world of automation with great care.

This is a different business to ours for which we have set aside significant investments, aware of being able to reap

a return of enormous satisfaction. It is for this reason that we have nominated Marco Corradini

as the chief executive of Cimatech, who has for 20 years worked at my side at Comall International.

After BCR which was acquired in 2016, with Cimatech we will continue to give a business future

to the territory which, during the generational turnover risked dispersing that wealth of ideas

and knowledge which had matured over decades of its history".

With this acquisition, Comall reaches an overall turnover of over 10,000,000 euro, and some 70 employees.