PA 10 SA

Machine with layer pre-formation by pushing a row or rows
on to a retractable plane. The working cycle consists of loading layers of 
empty cans on to an empty pallet with a dividing sheet placed 
between each layer. The operations of pre-forming, loading  layers 
on to the pallet and placing the layer divider on each layer are 
repeated until the pallet is full.
The full pallet comes out from the 
lifting area and is placed on a conveyor linked
up to the final pallet packing line.
  • Type of pallet wood   
  • Pallet size 800x1200 • 1120x1420
  • Height of finished pallet 1600 mm (including the pallet) 
  • Can size Diameter from 73 to 153 mm
  • Diameter from 109 to 258 mm
  • Layer divider Flat carboard
  • Production 2 layers  per minute
  • Installed power 9 Kw
  • Primary voltage 380 V
  • Frequency 50 Hz 
  • Secondary voltage 24 Vdc 
  • Protection IP54 
  • Working pressure 6 bar 
  • Compressed air consumption 180 NL/minute