CQ 01 SB

The machine described is a BASKET LOADER FOR FULL CANS 
OR JARS and has the function of filling a large basket with a 
moveable bottom, with layers of cans or jars to be sent on afterwards from sterilisation. 
The machine operator places an empty basket in the loading area of the machine
and  a hydraulic platform raises the bottom of the basket up to the loading level.
The cans or the jars from the filling line are formed into layers.
When a layer has been completed the horizontal trolley transfers the layer into the basket.
When each layer is loaded, the operator places a plastic layer divider on the cans or jars.
The hydraulic platform goes down a layer allowing the next layer to be loaded.
When it is completely full the operator takes out the full basket and replaces it with an empty one.
Type of product
  • a) small jars, glass, full, cylindrical
  • b) full oval tins, rectangular, in tinplate and in aluminium   

Can size

  • a) Ø 85 h 60 mm 
  • b) 110x70 h 30 mm
  • Baskets square, with wheels
  • Baskets size 900x900 x h 750 mm
  • Layer divider plastic
  • Production 150/180  per minute
  • Installed power 5  Kw
  • Primary/ secondary voltage 380 V/24 Vdc
  • Frequency 50 Hz 
  • Protection IP54 
  • Working pressure 6 bar 
  • Compressed air consumption 150 NL/minute